Gal Goobta

Kukiyada waa in karti loo siiyaa biraawsarkaaga Gacan-siinta  Kukiyada waa in karti loo siiyaa biraawsarkaaga
Koorsooyinka qaarkood ayaa dhici karta iney u oggolaadaan marinka martida

Halkan ma markii kuugu horeysabaa ?

Enrol in Moodle for Administrators (M4A) online workshop to get access to Admin of a Moodle site training where you will learn how to be an administrator of a Moodle website. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced teacher and admin of a few Moodle websites. Nellie began her Moodle career as admin in 2003. She is currently the founder of Moodle for Teachers (2009), Moodle for Teaching (2016), Integrating Technology (2006) and organizer of Moodle MOOCs in November and May.  

Click on the following link to check out the Syllabus of M4A